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About our school

Reidy Park Primary School is located in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Students from Reception to Year 6 attend our school, with a current enrolment of approximately 580 students and 40 staff members.

Reidy Park Primary School, formerly known as Mount Gambier Primary School, was the original government primary school in the city.

Opened in 1878 at Wehl Street South, Reidy Park Primary School was relocated to its present site on O’Halloran Terrace in 1955. The buildings were designed and constructed as two schools; the primary building in the mid-fifties and the junior primary building in the early sixties.

In 1970, the two schools were amalgamated and in 1998 were consolidated on the one site.

Anti Bullying

Reidy Park Primary School will provide a positive culture where bullying is not accepted. This means everyone, staff and students, have the right to be respected by others, the right to learn or to teach, and the right to feel safe and secure in the school environment.

Reidy Park Primary School complies with the Education Department’s School Discipline Policy.

For more information regarding Anti Bullying policies at Reidy Park Primary School please read the following documents or contact us.

Behaviour Management Policy 391.35 KB PDF Document
Reidy Park Primary School Anti Bullying Policy 526.5 KB PDF Document

Additional Anti Bullying and Wellbeing Information is available from the following websites:

Bullying No Way! 
Health, Wellbeing and Special Needs in Education Settings


Reidy Park Primary School outsources a canteen service for families via another local primary school. Families can order items online via the Qkr app and set days have been allocated for each class. Further information on how to access the canteen service is available on the home page.


Reidy Park Primary School curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum:
Health and Physical Education
Society and Environment
The Arts
Languages other than English
These programs are provided by the Australian Curriculum.
Music, Drama, Physical Education and Japasese (from 2018) are taught by school-based specialist teachers.
Students receive a written report on their progress and achievement against the Australian Curriculum Achievement standards twice a year (end of Term 2 and end of Term 4). Families have the opportunity to access parent-teacher interviews in Term 1 and 3 (or when requested by families).
Reidy Park Primary School intervention programs focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Social & Emotional Learning. Programs include Rocket Reading, Jolly Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Concepts of Print and Language/Speech support. Regular testing and assessment completed by teachers assists in identifying students who are in need of support.
Reidy Park Primary School has a focus on the Performing Arts and students are given the opportunity to be involved in a range of performances and ensembles.

Co-Curricular Activities

Specialist music tuition is offered in strings, woodwind, percussion and brass instruments and many students receive private music tuition outside of the school program.
The school’s choir students (Upper Primary) perform in Adelaide and Lower South East Music Festivals, while musical performances are staged by classes for the school community every 2 years.
Students have the opportunity to be a part of school-based sports teams, which are managed by parents, with teacher support. Throughout the year students are able to join netball, soccer, football and basketball teams and compete against other schools in our area.
Reidy Park Primary School offers an excellent Auskick Programm for our Reception to Year 2 students. This programme is greatly supported by parents and the community and is generally held in Term 2 each year.

Transition Programs

Reidy Park Primary School works collaboratively with the local kindergartens and high schools in offering a transition program for children commencing school and moving to high school.

Governing Council 2021


Reidy Park Primary School calls for nominations to be part of the 2021 Governing Council.
By joining the Governing Council, you will be:


  • Contributing to a sense of community
  • Contributing personal expertise and skills to the school
  • Contributing to the direction of the school

Having a student focus

  • Ensuring that school is a good environment for children
  • Helping and supporting students
  • Being involved in the children’s education


  • Having positive community involvement and asking parents what they need
  • Feeling more connected to the school
  • Working with other parents
  • Advocating for what is important to parents for our children

Understanding Schools

  • Getting to know more about the school and community
  • Understanding what happens in school and what the school is trying to achieve
  • Gaining an understanding of why decisions are made at school
  • Finding out how the school is run and being able to contribute knowledge and experience
  • Providing input into policy development and strategic priorities

Testimonial Shylie Harrison, Governing Council Chair
I have been on the governing council of Reidy Park Primary school since 2017 in various roles, but have been in the position of Chair since the start of 2019.  I joined the council to get a better understanding of how the school was run in terms of what the governance structure looks like, how the school’s strategies are set, how the budget is managed and what influences, motivates and drivers our teachers in guiding the students to be the best learners they can be.  What I love about being on the governing council is hearing about the different types of practices adopted by teachers and how that filters down to successful learning outcomes for the students.  I love hearing about the continuous improvements at the school, not only the physical resources but also the professional development opportunities offered to staff and extra-curricular activities offered to students.  Above all, I love meeting other parents and hearing of their experiences regarding their children’s learning, and collectively discussing how we as a group can better support the Reidy Park school community to achieve its goals.

Please visit the link below to submit your nomination by Friday March the 5th.


Please note that Governing Councilors are elected to 2-year terms. However, parents of Grade 6 and 7 students are able to resign if students leave the school before this time period ends.
In the event of more nominations than council positions available, a ballot will be held. All parents of students who attend Reidy Park Primary School, will be eligible to vote.

All 2021 Councillors will announced to the community at the 2021 AGM on Wednesday March 17th 2021.

Grievance Procedure

In a large organisation such as our school and its associated parent community, we can expect that things will happen from time to time that will cause concern for someone. When this occurs, it is important that the person with the concern does something about it.

Raising a complaint process 115.1 KB PDF Document

Medication Management

It is important that ALL families are aware of the guidelines surrounding the storage and administration of medications at school.

Department for Education First Aid and Medication Management Policies require schools to only store or supply medication to students if the following important conditions are met:

  • a Medication Authority is completed by a Doctor and given to the school along with each and every separate medication supplied to the school (only one medication per Medication Authority)
  • any medication requiring administration during school hours must be contained in its original pharmacy packaging, with the pharmacy label attached (including the student’s name) and be accompanied by the aforementioned Medication Authority
  • any medication provided has not passed the expiry date listed on the medication (under no circumstances will expired medication be administered)
  • an Action Plan or Care Plan must be provided for any medical condition a student may have that affects them at school
This includes but is not limited to:
  • Prescription medications such as Antibiotics, Epipens, Asthma medication, etc.
  • ‘Over the counter’ medications such as analgesics (panadol, heron etc), anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen, nurofen etc), as well as vitamins, supplements, topical creams/lotions, etc.
  • Student ‘self-administered’ medication, for example, Asthma puffers stored in student bags.
Please note: Except for diagnosed conditions that require regular medication (asthma, allergies etc), most medical conditions/complaints will not require the administration of medication during school hours. For example, medication that is required to be taken 3 times per day can be taken before school, after school and at bedtime.
Parents will be contacted if medication is delivered to school that does not meet with requirements and will be required to come in to school to administer the medication personally.

Parent Participation


Parent participation in school life is valued. Our school’s volunteers are involved in a wide range of programs and services including coaching sporting teams, helping children in class activities and membership of Governing Council. Please read the accompanying policy for volunteers at our school.

Volunteers 542.72 KB PDF Document

Governing Council

Reidy Park Primary School’s Governing Council comprises of up to 20 members, including elected parents, one elected staff member, Deputy Principal and the Principal.

Nominations and elections for Governing Council are held at the AGM in Term 1 of each school year. Appointments to Governing Council are made for a two year period.

Reidy Park Primary School Governing Council Meetings are held in the library in Week 3 and 9 of each term from 7.30 p.m.

Governing Council has a number of subcommittees:

  • Finance
  • Grounds & Facilities
  • Fundraising
  • OSHC

Parents who are not on Governing Council are also encouraged to join these committees each year.

Governing Council Guidelines for Website 684.96 KB PDF Document


Many parents volunteer their time to listening to children read and assisting with reading activities. Examples include helping children follow recipes for cooking, comprehension and research work.

Excursions and Camps

Parent participation in excursions and camps is essential in enabling the necessary supervision of children in appropriately small groups on such outings.

Extra curriculuar Support

Reidy Park Primary School is fortunate to have many parents share their expertise in subjects such as art, drama, dance and music.

General Classroom Assistance

Classroom teachers welcome parent support throughout the year. If you are able to volunteer your time in your child’s class, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Resource Centre

Reidy Park Primary School is very proud of its modern and exciting Resource Centre.

This area has been designed as a flexible learning space, with all furniture and some shelving moveable, allowing teachers to design the space to fit their lessons if they wish to.

Our Resource Centre gives students significant access to fiction collections, catering for our junior through to our senior students. This includes an extensive range of series books for students to borrow for in school literacy programs and for enjoyment at home. Our magazine range is updated monthly and very popular among our students.

Our non-fiction section is current and relevant, and is being more and more supplemented by searchable online resources.

A computer lab is also located in our Resource Centre which is accessed by classes throughout the day and students at lunchtimes.

Students have the opportunity to borrow in their designated class time or in the morning between 8.25 and 8.45am.

Reidy Park Primary School’s Resource Centre is managed by School Services Officers. We encourage parents to come into this shared space at any time.

School Hours

  • Teachers on yard duty from 8.25am
  • School commences at 8:45am
  • Recess break is from 10:55 – 11:15am
  • Lunch is between 12:55 – 1:35pm
  • Dismissal time is 3:15pm

Office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Cash Office

Open daily from 8:30am to 9:30am and 3:00pm to 3:30pm.

School Uniform Shop

Open Monday 8:30am to 9:30am. Uniforms can be ordered and paid for in office hours, however orders will be filled during shop hours.

School Reporting and Policies

The following reporting schedule is followed:

Term 1: Parent – Teacher Interviews

Term 2: Semester 1 Written Report

Term 3: Parent – Teacher Interviews

Term 4: End of Year Written Report

Name Size Type
Attendance Policy External Link
Behaviour Support Policy External Link
2019 External School Review Report 3.02 MB PDF Document
2022 Reidy Park PS Annual Report 28.4 MB PDF Document
2023 Site Improvement Plan 555.01 KB PDF Document
Mobile Phones and Personal Devices review 2024 163.91 KB PDF Document
Permission to have a mobile phone form 2021 Update 191.43 KB PDF Document
RPPS Digital Devices User Agreement 2021 Update 286.01 KB PDF Document
RPPS Emergency management plan 2023 212.15 KB PDF Document
School Context Statement 200.03 KB PDF Document
Use Agreement Consequences 2021 Update 124.9 KB PDF Document


School Uniform

Reidy Park Primary School’s Governing Council has endorsed the wearing of school uniform. Our school colours are dark blue and gold.

As a Sun-Smart School, children must wear the school-endorsed wide-brimmed or bucket hats for play during Terms 1 and 4. During Winter months students have the option to wear a school-endorsed beanie.

Click to view our uniform price list.

The uniform shop is open 8:30 – 9:30am Mondays.

Second-hand uniforms are also available for purchase in this timeslot for $5.00 per item.

Uniforms can be ordered and paid for in office hours, however orders will be filled during shop hours.

Uniform Price List 147.12 KB PDF Document


STEM and Digital Technologies

Students have various opportunities to engage in STEM learning at Reidy Park PS. These learning experiences have a focus on problem solving, applying the engineering design process and developing various dispositions to be creative and critical thinkers. As students move through year levels they are exposed to various coding devices including Beebots and Lego robots.

Reidy Park Primary School also supports students in becoming highly skilled in the use of information communication technologies (ICTs).

Teaching and learning programs at Reidy Park Primary School, across all curriculum areas, include the use of ICTs to effectively and appropriately access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school, and in their lives beyond school.

Reidy Park Primary School promotes safe and responsible use of technology from Reception through to Year 6. “Digital Citizenship at Reidy” informs students, families and teachers of our school guidelines for using technology appropriately to support teaching and learning

RPPS ICT Use Agreement 941.16 KB PDF Document

Students have access to multiple technologies at Reidy Park including our computer room, computer pods, iPads and laptops.

Student Wellbeing and Attendance

Student Wellbeing is a priority at Reidy Park Primary School. Reidy Park Primary School’s commitment to Student Wellbeing is driven by research which clearly shows that children who are mentally healthy are better able to meet life’s challenges. They are also better learners and have stronger relationships.

A whole school wellbeing program, Play is the Way, is actively taught in each class. Play is the Way is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional skills using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language.

“The Huddle” has been established to support students who experience difficulties entering or being in classrooms for a range of reasons. This area is managed by our Deputy Principal, who has a counselling focus, our Christian Pastoral Support Worker and our SSOs who work with students with learning issues.

Consistent and regular attendance at school is a crucial factor in supporting a student’s success at school. Our Attendance Policy is attached below.

Name Size Type
Attendance Policy External Link
Behaviour Support Policy External Link

Transition to School

Transition to school is a critical time in the lives of children and families and will significantly influence each child’s future wellbeing and ability to succeed at school. In 2015 South Australia fell in line with other states and now accepts Reception enrolments once a year. Reidy Park Primary School accepts enrolments from within zone (see below), from any feeder kindergarten. Those living outside of our zone who wish to attend Reidy Park Primary School, must fill in an out of zone enrolment form and are not guaranteed a position in the school.

Starting school

If your child turns five before May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term One in that year.
If your child turns five on or after May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term One the following year.”  Ref  www.decd.sa.gov.au
In preparation for this, our school works with all other Blue Lake Partnership sites, in planning and holding a transition program in Term 4 of each year, enabling students to get a feel for school life in a planned and safe manner.
 Our teachers aim to build on children’s prior learning and connect previous and new learning in ways which are meaningful for children. They recognise the value and importance of play and plan learning experiences which are can look different for individuals or groups.
 If you believe your child has exceptional needs at any transition time, please contact the school to enable us to work together on this.

Moving onto High School

During the year, enrolment packages are sent to all families of Year 6 students, allowing hem time to make decisions about their future education. Mount Gambier High School and Grant High School work closely with their feeder schools, and hold an extensive transition program in Term 4. Students with exceptional needs at transition time are well catered for with an additional tailored program. Please contact our school if you see this as a need for your child.

Zone of Right

Reidy Park Primary School has a “zone of right” which incorporates the area south of Commercial Street and west of Crouch Street South. This area extends to Grant Avenue and Benara Road, across to Crafter Road. Students who live within this zone may enrol at our school.

Families that live outside of our school zone may complete an Out of Zone Application if they believe they have a valid reason for their child to enrol at Reidy Park Primary School.  The Principal takes these reasons into account when determining if there is sufficient space at that time to accept the Out of Zone enrolment

Map of School Zone 44.86 KB PDF Document