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Governing Council 2021


Reidy Park Primary School calls for nominations to be part of the 2021 Governing Council.
By joining the Governing Council, you will be:


  • Contributing to a sense of community
  • Contributing personal expertise and skills to the school
  • Contributing to the direction of the school

Having a student focus

  • Ensuring that school is a good environment for children
  • Helping and supporting students
  • Being involved in the children’s education


  • Having positive community involvement and asking parents what they need
  • Feeling more connected to the school
  • Working with other parents
  • Advocating for what is important to parents for our children

Understanding Schools

  • Getting to know more about the school and community
  • Understanding what happens in school and what the school is trying to achieve
  • Gaining an understanding of why decisions are made at school
  • Finding out how the school is run and being able to contribute knowledge and experience
  • Providing input into policy development and strategic priorities

Testimonial Shylie Harrison, Governing Council Chair
I have been on the governing council of Reidy Park Primary school since 2017 in various roles, but have been in the position of Chair since the start of 2019.  I joined the council to get a better understanding of how the school was run in terms of what the governance structure looks like, how the school’s strategies are set, how the budget is managed and what influences, motivates and drivers our teachers in guiding the students to be the best learners they can be.  What I love about being on the governing council is hearing about the different types of practices adopted by teachers and how that filters down to successful learning outcomes for the students.  I love hearing about the continuous improvements at the school, not only the physical resources but also the professional development opportunities offered to staff and extra-curricular activities offered to students.  Above all, I love meeting other parents and hearing of their experiences regarding their children’s learning, and collectively discussing how we as a group can better support the Reidy Park school community to achieve its goals.

Please visit the link below to submit your nomination by Friday March the 5th.


Please note that Governing Councilors are elected to 2-year terms. However, parents of Grade 6 and 7 students are able to resign if students leave the school before this time period ends.
In the event of more nominations than council positions available, a ballot will be held. All parents of students who attend Reidy Park Primary School, will be eligible to vote.

All 2021 Councillors will announced to the community at the 2021 AGM on Wednesday March 17th 2021.