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School Reporting and Policies

The following reporting schedule is followed:

Term 1: Parent – Teacher Interviews

Term 2: Semester 1 Written Report

Term 3: Parent – Teacher Interviews

Term 4: End of Year Written Report

Name Size Type
Attendance Policy 3.02 MB External Link
2019 External School Review Report 3.02 MB PDF Document
2021 Reidy Park PS Annual Report 4.74 MB PDF Document
2022 Site Improvement Plan 1.71 MB PDF Document
Mobile Phones and Personal Devices review 2024 163.91 KB PDF Document
Permission to have a mobile phone form 2021 Update 191.43 KB PDF Document
RPPS Digital Devices User Agreement 2021 Update 286.01 KB PDF Document
School Context Statement 567.2 KB PDF Document
Use Agreement Consequences 2021 Update 124.9 KB PDF Document