School facilities

Read about the facilities we have for students to use in our school.

Library and computer room

Our Library is a calm space for students to borrow books and listen to new stories read by our librarian Emily during the week. Students are able to borrow books, read novels and converse with their peers. 

Within the library there is a computer room which students learn basic computing skills throughout the year as well as other lessons with their specialist teachers.


Our oval is accessible to students during break times. It’s a large open space for students to explore as well as a set of football goals to utilise. 


Our gymnasium is an indoor facility which is able to accommodate a vast range of sports taught by our specialist teachers as well as host various school events.

It’s used for PE lessons from Foundation to Year 6. Students learn a large range of different sports and skills throughout the year.

Throughout the year, the Gym hosts school assemblies every fortnight, our end of term awards ceremony as well as our Year 6 Graduation.

Playground and gardens

We have 2 nature-based playgrounds that provide a fun outdoor learning environment. Surrounding each playground is large, grassed areas where students can play and interact with their friends during play time. 

We also have a wellbeing garden located at the front of the school which students are able to learn and grow through a specialised program with our wellbeing coordinator.

Basketball court

Our basketball court was freshly painted in early 2024 so the students are now able to play 4 square as well as play different sports including basketball.